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Storm Chaser by Kanizo
Storm Chaser
Clouds and dragons are a couple of my favourite things to draw, so had a lot of fun with this one. I'll be uploading a process video of this one soon, however if you want to see more WIPs/process etc please follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

Also maybe I should do a cloud tutorial?
Adventurers by Kanizo
Couple of characters I'm working on. This was supposed to be just a simple illustration to get a basic feel and look for the characters, but got a bit carried away. There are still a few bits that are a little bit unfinished, but I think I'm happy with how it is at the moment.

Anywho, the little creature comes from a massive family sort of group, however when she was born, she was a lot smaller than the rest of them (really tiny compared to the rest of their species). She wasn't able to do a lot of what was expected from her within the group due to her size, however she is very ambitious and doesn't let her size stop her. She wanted to explore the world (the others made fun at her for this, saying she's be a quick snack for a bigger creature), and so left the group behind. It was a difficult start, but along the way she found the bird. The bird had been pushed out of his nest, and had a broken wing when the tiny creature found him. She mended his wing and was able to train him so that they could work together as Adventurers.

Lots of fun things to be done with these two!

Also I need names for these guys....
Forgotten Memories by Kanizo
Forgotten Memories
Ellie from The Last of Us. I really loved this game, everything about it was so well done.

Anywho, this is just a practice at drawing portraits, as I desperately need to get better at drawing people. I'm just learning with pre-existing characters and people first, so will probably upload a few more studies like this, before working on some characters I have planned. There are still a few things I could work on with this (the clothing is a bit rough, as I was mainly focusing on the face), but overall I think it's ok (:

Maybe I'll do Joel next, but beards are tricky to paint...
Landscapes by Kanizo
Few landscapes/environments from my Daily Drawing challenge I was doing. Was pretty fun, definitely learnt a lot from it.
There were a few other drawings I did but I wanted to work on them a bit more, so will upload later :)
Lava Bear by Kanizo
Lava Bear
Part of the daily drawing thing I'm trying to do, you can see and follow all my daily drawings so far on Twitter!

Just a random idea, had a lot of fun with this one though! Maybe I should do a series of elemental animals hmm.

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